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My name is M Jayson Graham and the MJG Story


I created MJG Story Creation LLC for one reason - To find a sustainable, creative pathway to reclaim my life. Like many creatives, I have been conditioned to look at my gift and talent solely through the lens of production (ie. exchanging my time for money). Deep down, I knew that there was more to my life than simply churning out products in the Marketplace of Ideas. Then I discovered the concept of Intellectual Property and educated myself on what that meant. Next I found a way to apply it as an entrepreneur. You see, technology becomes more accessible every 10 years and that means opportunity. Opportunity to not only create content more cheaply but to build franchises and reap the rewards of long term story development. This means becoming an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BUSINESS OWNER.

As an IPBO, you can set the pace to build a increasing equity in your own ideas. Instead of selling the rights to your story, script, or manuscript for mere thousands, you can invest in a franchise and reap the benefits into the hundreds of thousands. In addition to this, it is a property and just like land or home, you can will it forward to your children. You can create a legacy! Don't just be an writer. A franchise begins with one story. Click here to find out how to begin your new path as an Intellectual Property Business Owner today!

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My Story

I started as many in my generation did, with Choose Your Own Adventure books and Tabletop Roleplaying games. From there, I took an interest in history and the arts, in particular, theatre. Yes, I was ALWAYS a theatre kid. But it was the lure of writing the story and building a world that put me on the path to who I am today. After spending 25 years of my life learning how to accept and value my differences from others, I decided to attend Ball State University and enroll in their Theatre program. It was there that I learned to harness my work ethic as I was not nearly as talented an actor as many of my contemporaries and that was ok because I had a plan. I would go out to Hollywood after I graduated, get cast as the "fat" friend in a sitcom and then use the name recognition to get my scripts produced. Smart, right? What could go wrong?

Nothing went "wrong". In fact, I got influenced by two cousins that attended Howard University (HU! YOU KNOW!) the following summer. Long story short, I was an exchange student at Howard University for less than 30 days before I submitted for an official transfer. This is where I learned to armor the fundamental sense of what my purpose was. I didn't want to be just a writer anymore. I wanted to build worlds. I wanted to be a series creator. With the multidisciplinary requirements of my specialization (Pre-Directing), I learned the value of speaking everyone's language and listening to what is being said as it's being said. This, and the value of failing hard and fast. Hubris is one the most powerful universal laws because it doesn't matter how many times you've succeeded before, it only takes one failure to remind you of your humanity.

So when I moved to Los Angeles after graduation, I felt prepared for most challenges. Well, you know what they say about how useful "your feelings" are. I was as prepared as anyone that moved to a super metropolis with no family, friends, or prior experience. So I learned. I went from a sublet to a halfway house to a two bedroom apartment with a ghost roommate to a one bedroom apartment near one of the most important people in my adult life. I came with a theatre degree. I spent two years in the Los Angeles Public Library System educating myself on writing for film and television. That turned into writing my own pilots and hustling those to work with small independent production companies, crafting show bible, pilots and features for them. Then that very important person I mentioned earlier, took me with him to Ghana, West Africa. As I stood in the Kwame Nkrumah museum, my entire world view shifted. When I returned to the States, I was reminded that I came to Los Angeles to be a series creator. I developed my Narrative Design Program. I pitched and pitched and pitched and yet, I could get into none of those magical doors to open. Maybe "Hollywood" wasn't where I needed to be after all.

Then I attended a workshop that confirmed my "feelings". A very successful television producer that was brought into the network system by a black comedian star had found it difficult to book work. This man had at least 4 successful syndicated comedies on his resume. He made the decision to bet on himself and left the major network system in favor of equity over payout. That was all I needed to hear. Three happy coincidences later and I am in Georgia working on a web series as a staff writer. A year later, I get tapped by the same company to use my Narrative Design System to build their world into a Transmedia Platform. Three years later said company is releasing comic books, short films, and animations based off my "world bible". Two years after that I am organizing the narrative division in charge of the IP and its continuity maintenance. By the way, this is when MJG Story Creation was incorporated, on my father's birthday. So now I travel. I speak. I teach. I try to inspire writers to build their own worlds. Develop your own content. Create partnerships with artists in other mediums. Just because the streaming services need content doesn't mean you have to sell it to them or sell them all the ancillary rights. License your work. Make them pay and make them keep paying, you and your children, FOREVER.

Enough? Click here to take a closer look at what we have to offer.


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