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Mark Anielski

The Economics of Well-being Conversation

Mark Anielski June 2019 photo.jpg

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mark Anielski is President and Chief Well-being Officer of Anielski Management Inc. an economic-consultancy specializing in the economics of happiness and well-being. Mark is also the Chief Well-being Economist with the Indigenomics Institute founded by Carol Anne Hilton. He is working on helping to create functional economies of well-being for First Nations across Canada and the world. Mark has been advising communities and countries since 2000 on integrating well-being analytics into conventional economic cost-benefit analysis, strategic planning, budgeting, and impact investment decision making.

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An Economy of Well-being: Common Sense Tools for Building Genuine Wealth and Happiness (2018) and the award-winning book The Economics of Happiness (2007).

  • The Holy Bible

  • Love Without End by Glenda Green

  • Power vs. Force by David Hawkins M.D.  Ph.D

  • With All Your Possessions: Jewish Ethics and Economic Life by Rabbi Meir Tamari

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