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Informationals are online monthly and have free registration. The number of attendees is between 40 and 60. They are not more than 60 minutes. Note taking is encouraged. Presentations are typically available for purchase in the STUDY MATERIALS section.

Conference Crowd


Seminars develop intellectual property into content. The goal is to apply the information in presentation and receive feedback from the host in real time. The number of attendees is between 10 and 15. Seminars can be up to four hours depending on the content and are available in both an online and in person format. Click here for more information.

Professional Presentation


Writing Team Development is a structured team building environment. It is typically for organizations that are developing content for a long term business objectives and need to build a cohesive writing team. This is available online and in person format however, in person is strongly suggested. Click here for more information.

Volunteer Team


Workshops include a practical exercise for the attendees to ensure familiarity with the information. The number of attendees is typically between 20 and 30. They will not be more than 2 hours. Formats are available for both online and in person. Click here for more information

Crowd Applauding


The Narrative Development Program is a 40-week course that uses a traditional "college semester" format. Attendees are responsible for weekly lectures and the completion of assignments that walk them step-by-step from their initial idea to the first scripted episode of their first series. Attendees will have enough story documentation to craft an outline for up to five (24-episode) seasons. They will also possess the skills to develop new projects.  Click here for more information.

Volunteer Team


Begin with one of our monthly informationals and the Guiding Principles Workbook. We also have videos available to explain the long term benefits of Franchise Story Development. Click the picture below.

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