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"POWERNOMICS" by Dr. Claud Anderson

Mr. Andre' Henderson Sr.

Advanced iNergies LLC subcontracts with innovative companies working in specific industries to provide a plethora of synergistic energy saving solutions to it’s clients/customers.

Accomplishments: Remote Control Patent (The 1st Handheld device to Process Credit Cards), Guest Choice B Video Distribution System, SpectraMate Set Top Box (Hidden Box w/ 6 wire interface to TV).

Mr. Henderson has proven revenue generating skills, as a Field Applications/ Field Sales Engineer.

In addition to taking conceptual designs and creating a production ready products; Mr. Henderson has incorporated Product & Project management skills, Synergistic selling w Customer support and Component Engineering skills in addition to Board level & System level designs to excel and succeed.

Utilizing excellent communications and interpersonal skills, Mr. Henderson has taken advantage of a diverse technical background which allows him to learn and understand new technologies quickly. 

Mr. Henderson currently works in Commercial Energy (Electricity & Natural Gas), Energy Management, Solar, Recycling, Bio-Fuels, Waste to Energy, Wind, Tank-Less Water Heaters, Water & Air Purification, Power Line Conditioning, Energy Saving Lighting, HVAC and Merchant Services.

Specialties Include: Board & System Level design (Power & Communications), Project Management, Troubleshooting, Technical sales of both products and services. Joint Ventures, LOI's, Purchase Order terms, Interpretation of Technical Data and Presentations to organizations.


Mr. Henderson utilizes Extensive System Analysis and Mathematical Proficiencies while incorporating both analog & digital circuit troubleshooting techniques to solve problems.


With over 30 years of professional experience, Mr. Henderson has taken that experience and above skills to create Advanced iNergies LLC, where the company is focused on providing alternative and renewable energy solutions that exceed their specifications and with redundancy built in.


Mr. Henderson’s Company Philosophy: Proficiency in Solving Problems, Creating Innovative Ways to Save Energy, Reducing Cost, Long Term Relationships and most importantly  Customer Satisfaction.


Contact Details
Location: Rowlett, Texas 
Title: Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Business Owner

PHONE: 469-573-8883



Suggested Resources

Supply Side Solutions are associated with providing a source for energy (Electricity & Natural Gas) to a facility from a REP (Retail Energy Provider) or a Alternative Energy Source (like Solar and Wind).

All supply side solutions saves the end user money as it reduces the cost per kilowatt hour you are paying. 

For even more information on the Products & Services we provide, visit and scroll our profile on Alignable.

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Residential Promotions (Electricity rates for your Home)   Additional Promotions

Demand Side Solutions are associated with reducing the energy consumption, use less, pay less... Resulting in cutting more cost!

Some of the other technologies we offer on the demand side include energy saving lighting, back up generation & batteries, hvac, power line conditioning and energy management tools.

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Technical Solutions that save you Money :

Supply Side solutions

Demand Side solutions

Telecommunication solutions (Telecom Ad)

Battery Backup solutions 

Non-Technical Solutions that helps you generate, keep & save more of your MONEY :

Merchant Services

Call Center Services (site under development)


Episodes 1-8
Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

Dr. Ainissa Ramirez

S2E8 - PATENT PATRIARCHY: Ainissa Ramirez, Ph.D. is a scientist and science communicator, who is the author of The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another (MIT Press).

Kelley Keller, Esq.

Kelley Keller, Esq.

S2E7 - REGISTERED TRADEMARK: Kelley Keller, Esq. is an intellectual property (IP) attorney, speaker, and relentless legal and business educator with more than 20 years of experience in the IP field.

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker

S2E6 - COPYRIGHT VS PIRACY: Jason Tucker is the host of the Copyright & Intellectual Property Podcast, offers free tools to copyright owners at and is president of Battleship Stance.

The M Jayson Graham Show

The M Jayson Graham Show

M Jayson Graham is an educator, content creator and student of life. He has given writing workshops across the country at many science fiction and fantasy conventions.

Maxwell Toliver

Maxwell Toliver

S2E5 - REAL INNOVATION: Maxwell D. Toliver is the founder and CEO of Toliver Enterprises LLC which oversees Toliver TV Network (TTVN) which is a Streaming Ondemand distribution platform built for show creation and is a broadcasting system.

Courtney Hart

Courtney Hart

S2E3 - BEYOND HOME OWNERSHIP: Courtney Hart is a husband, father, manager in corporate America, accredited investor and licensed realtor in the state of Indiana. 13 years in telecommunications industry. 10 years in a management. Held several different roles. Roles to include telecommunications technician, network manager, training and development management and project management.

Mark Young

Mark Young

S2E2 - GENTRIFYING HOPE: Mark Young has over 25 years of experience in the housing and community development field. As a life-long resident of Indianapolis he attended Ball State University where he earned a B. S in Biology and completed his graduate work in Urban and Regional Planning After graduate school Mark was employed by the City of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development first as a comprehensive planner and then as a special projects coordinator.

Dr. Jennoa Graham Ph.D

Dr. Jennoa Graham Ph.D

S2E1: LAND AND PROPERTY and S2E4: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Dr. GNP (Dr. Graham-in-Purpose), known as Dr. Jennoa Graham is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader. Her 20-year career of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience reflects core values of transparency, integrity, efficiency, and sustainability resulting in multi-million-dollar savings.

Book Recommendations

POWERNOMICS by Dr. Claud Anderson


THE ISIS PAPERS by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing


SHORT CIRCUITING POLICY  by Leah Cardamore Stokes

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