Are you a writer or want to be a writer? Maybe you love the worlds of mystical realism?
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Conjuration Con

Saturday, Nov. 16th, 4-6 pm
at the

Hilton Atlanta Airport

1031 Virginia Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia, 30354 


What is MJG Story Creation?

MJG Story Creation is story development company that focuses on connecting writer with their entrepreneurial vision. 

Our Mission

We motivate writers and other creatives to develop their stories into profitable intellectual properties through the use of a dynamic worldbuilding process.


“It is difficult to set a course when the orientation is unclear.” - M Jayson Graham


For more information, CALL (678) 600-4873


Upyri LLC is a character based entertainment company, focused on character creation and story development through literary works such as graphic novels, comic books, novels and much more.

Our relationship with Upyri began in 2014  with the development of the Upyri Omnibus, a 100-page document that details the main characters and organizations in the history of the Upyri Universe. The purpose was to create the basis for a Transmedia Platform with a singular continuity. 

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What Is the Story Creation Cafe?

I am grateful for the participants that joined us for the Story Creation Cafe. We will return in 2020. Until then, keep writing!

The Story Creation Cafe is a coffee house workshop series where new and experienced writers can network and learn tools for creating an epic story. It is open to every genre and discipline. Be you novelist, comic book artists, playwright or screenwriter, the Story Creation Cafe has the workshop for you! 

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