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Dr. Jennoa Graham Ph.D.

The Cyanidation Conversation

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Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. GNP (Dr. Graham-in-Purpose), known as Dr. Jennoa Graham is an international public speaker, author, professor, and adjunct executive team leader. Her 20-year career of combined multinational corporate accounting and consulting experience reflects core values of transparency, integrity, efficiency, and sustainability resulting in multi-million-dollar savings. Most recently, she has broadened her platform as a speaker and educator in the areas of business, finance, and leadership. She is the founder of the Educational Debt Cancellation Foundation (EDCF), as well as Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corporation (UFCC). Two organizations grounded in the pillars of her core values. From household corporations to global corporations, Dr. GNP is committed to eliminating inefficiencies that hinder success. 

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