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The Sankofa Series

Feature Film Script:
The Akwabaa Initiative

During a rehabilitation program in Ghana, an at-risk teen discovers a plot to free an ancient evil. Click the image to access the outline and script.

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Feature Film Series Outline

The remaining films (Stronghold of the Dead and Asanteman Way) focus on how each of the teens in the program join the fight to prevent the return of the ancient evil. Click the image below to see the outline of character events from each film.

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Language of The Adinkra Warriors

This is the lexicon of the film series. It is through this language that audience learns about the history and culture of the Akan people in West Africa.

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Adinkra Warriors - Television Series Pitch

This is the pitch for the Television Series spun-off from the events of the feature film series.

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Adinkra Warriors - Series Bible

This is the series bible that outlines the themes, plots, and character directions for season one.

Adinkra Warriors Final Show Ethics _page-0001.jpg

TV Series Pilot: Sankofa

This is the script for the pilot episode.

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