Workshop Series Overview

Title: An Introduction to Epic Story Creation Series

Number of Workshops: 4

Length of Each Workshop: 60 to 120 minutes

Description: "Do you have an incredible idea that would make a fantastic novel, comic book, or film series? Attend this sequence of interactive workshops and learn how to craft your idea into an epic series.”


Series Breakdown

●      Guiding Principles For Epic Storytelling– This workshop covers: 

o   Using theme, purpose, and expectation to clearly state the story’s narrative.


●      Character Relationships in Epic Storytelling– This workshop covers:

o   Why crafting key characters (protagonist, antagonist, foils) specifically from the Guiding Principles is important.


●      Building Conflict in Epic Storytelling- This workshop covers:

o   Designing organic conflict


●      Designing Blueprints for Epic Storytelling- This workshop covers:

o   How emotional continuity serves storytelling.


Epic Story Creation Packet which includes the following handouts:

●     Narrative Top Sheet

●     Pivotal Character Template

●     Story Unit: Scene Worksheet

●     Suggested Reading List



Partner Benefits: This series of workshops provide great opportunities for:

  • Brand Recognition - This series will raise the awareness of the business, setting the stage for additional patrons and business partners.

  • Building Community - This series will create a space for people of common interest to gather and network. 

  • Additional Online Resource - This series is available to record. Add it to your library’s online resources.


Workshop Series Fee:  Pricing dependent on expected attendees. Large group and educational partnership discounts available). Click here for booking.